The purpose of the meeting is to showcase ingredients that are substitutes for fishmeal or fish oil in aquaculture feeds, and also highlight the perspectives and progress among major feed companies in substitution.

High-Level Agenda Below:

  • Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • Brainstorm: What if Aquaculture did not have Forage Fish?
  • Aquafeed Investment Panel: Early to Mid Stage
  • Aquafeed Investment Panel: Mid to Late Stage
  • Lunch
  • Synbio Panel: Implications for Aquaculture
  • Larger Institution Perspectives on Food and Feed Innovation
  • Feed and Ingredient Fair
  • Dinner @ FISH, Sausalito, CA
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • Use of Alternative Oils in Finfish Aquaculture
  • F3 Fish Oil Replacements
  • Success Stories in Business Expansion
  • Lunch
  • F3 Fish Oil and Fishmeal Replacements
  • Attractants / Palatants
  • Aquaculture and Aquafeed Journalist Panel
  • Brainstorm: Next F3 Prize
  • Dinner @ Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside, CA with Keynote Speaker, Geoffrey Moore

Geoffery Moore

Geoffrey Moore wrote THE textbook on strategy for startups on how to scale, and propel their products mainstream, Crossing the Chasm, that is used at most business schools around the world. His new book, Zoning to Win, advises CEOs and managers at large companies, on how they can organize and allocate resources to remain innovative. His clients include CEOs of major companies, top consultancies such as McKinsey, and world leaders. His full bio is here.

  • Breakfast
  • Welcome, Perspectives from China
  • Large Feed Companies - Progress and Challenges towards F3
  • Aquafarm Progress Part I
  • Lunch
  • Aquafarm Progress Part II
  • Brainstorm: What can be done to get F3 innovations to market?
  • Dinner @ Aquarium of the Bay - Retail and Food Service Panel with Arlin Wasserman

Arlin Wasserman

Arlin, the founder and partner at Changing Tastes, has helped identify and catalyze some of the most significant shifts in the way business and consumers think about food: he worked with General Mills to develop one of the first sustainability management programs in the food industry; he developed an industry-wide initiative to link organic farming and public health for the Organic Trade Association; and as Vice President of Sustainability at Sodexo, he developed the first sustainability strategy for the then world’s largest foodservice company that combined both environmental and nutrition priorities. He has helped create common standards for sustainable seafood among leading restaurant and foodservice companies.

Arlin will share results from a new study on how major seafood buyers and consumers in the US currently think about aquaculture as well as other insights into seafood procurement decisions, culinary trends and flavor.

  • Individual Consultations
  • Tours of Sustainable Retailers